Train your puppy to stand still

For puppies, this must be a difficult move to perform. Because this is the time when they are playful, playing, exploring and running. To them can stand still for a while is not simple.

First you need to take your dog for a walk and then order “stand still”. At the same time, you should keep the dog still and not let it run and reward it. Then continue to do so many times for the dog to understand the command and how to do it.

After the dog has become accustomed to this command, you begin to walk away and call. If they are still moving, then re-direct. If your dog is standing still, give him a treat.

This is not easy to do, so you need to be persistent and do it every day. And do not forget to reward and touch when they are done right.

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If you have done all of the above steps and after a while your dog is still not making progress, you can take the dog to the Central German Dog Training Center . Here, with a team of experienced coaches and handy equipment, we always meet all the training needs. From training dogs to defecate in the right place to training guard dogs, professional dogs … will definitely make you happy.

Hotline: 0965.898.285

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